Webinar: Key takeaways for corporate plans from the 2022 Milliman Pension Funding Study

By Katherine Warren, Jeffrey Marzinsky, Zorast Wadia, Dominick Pizzano
24 May 2022

Join us while we share insights and market outlook from the 2022 Milliman Pension Funding Study which looks at the funded status, P&L and balance sheet impact alongside the key economic assumptions of the largest US corporate sponsors of defined benefit plans.

Dissecting the performance of these large pension arrangements has proven to be of great value to all corporate defined benefit plan sponsors.

In addition, Milliman consultants share the latest trends in Non-qualified Deferred Compensation Plan design, and provide guidance on funding and compliance issues.

Investment advisors from Milliman provide commentary regarding the use of Crypto and ESG in DB plan portfolio investments, the impact of Fed rate hikes and more.

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