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Advanced analytics for accountable care organizations

Milliman has extensive experience applying advanced analytics techniques in our healthcare work, including with Medicare, Medicaid, and ACOs.

ACOs need to see their data in new ways to determine where they can improve, and we help ACOs explore the data they are receiving in useful and customizable ways. We have developed many products and tools that can be leveraged to answer the most common business questions that ACOs have. Milliman understands the differences between common risk contracts and understands how different aspects of those contracts can be important to different ACOs.

Working in tandem with providers, we explore claims and financial data so that we can benchmark, identify anomalies, and perform opportunity estimation. Through advanced analytics and machine learning, we can find areas of waste, discover opportunities for efficiency and savings, and improve decision making. Ultimately, Milliman assists in providing a greater and more diversified understanding of each ACO’s healthcare utilization.

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