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Retirement Enhancement Trust (RET)

A novel solution offering retirees lifetime income protection, at a low cost

Retirement is a major problem facing society. Many retirees and soon-to-be retirees have simply not saved enough. As life expectancy continues to rise, people are demanding that their savings sustain them longer than ever before.

RET helps address this challenge. It provides an innovative retirement solution with longevity protection, but at a relatively low cost. With lower fees, RET may allow retirees to maximize their returns, and reduce their risk from outliving their savings.

RET offers you and your customers the following characteristics:

  • Lifetime Income Protection. RET uses Milliman’s Longevity Protection Method, so it can make payments to retirees even after accounts are depleted.
  • Low cost. Lower fees in most scenarios allow for greater annual retirement income over time.
  • Investment flexibility. RET allows retirees to make investment choices and retain some liquidity.
  • Simplicity: Designed to overcome hurdles that are sometimes barriers from retirees acquiring other products that offer lifetime income protection.
  • Enduring relationships: RET provides the retiree with a cost efficient lifetime income solution and your firm with a lifelong connection with the retiree.

Milliman can help you develop a RET solution to offer to your clients to help them obtain cost efficient lifetime income.

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Stuart Silverman

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Stuart is a principal and consulting actuary in the New York office of Milliman. He co-manages the Life consulting practice in New York. He joined the firm in 1999.

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