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Life Sciences

Market access strategy

Develop strategies and tactics that drive product access

Develop strategies and tactics that drive product access.

With expertise in payer, pharmacy benefit management (PBM), and integrated delivery networks (IDNs), we can help you identify access opportunities specific to your products. From pipeline to loss of exclusivity (LOE), we can help you speak your customers’ language, informed by our industry knowledge and supported by unbeatable pharmacy and medical data.

Life cycle management

  • Launch planning
  • Indication sequencing
  • LOE planning

Market access marketing

  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer engagement planning
  • Pre-approval Information Exchange (PIE )/ Value proposition development
  • Budget impact model (BIM)/ Cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) development

Pull-through excellence

  • Access landscapes
  • Cost and coverage messaging
  • Representative training


  • Pricing scenario modeling
  • Patient affordability assessments

Data analysis

  • Payer mix assessment
  • Access landscapes
  • Copay card, patient out-of-pocket, and elasticity experience
  • Rejection, reversal, and abandonment studies
  • Payer perspective modeling
  • Rare disease and hard to identify population studies

Contracting strategy

  • Contracting model development
  • Customer perspective modeling
  • Quality access modeling
  • Predictive analytics and share shift
  • Value-based contracting strategy

Customer and market insights

  • Payer market research
  • Access message testing
  • Advisory boards
  • War games
  • Stakeholder perspective profiles

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