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The work matters.

Every day, in countries across the globe, Milliman works with clients to improve healthcare systems, manage emerging risks, and advance financial security, so millions of people can live for today and plan for tomorrow with confidence.

It takes vision.

Vision is what our clients expect. And our professionals deliver. With no agenda, other than getting it right.

Today, Milliman insight is driving decisions that affect millions of people around the world. Our innovative work and pioneering technology are helping revolutionize the financing and delivery of healthcare, the management of risk across complex systems and organizations, and the development of retirement planning and financial risk management solutions.

So ask the tough questions. We’re ready for them.

Flood insurance

Studying the impact of hurricanes and floods

Climate change is making storms more destructive, with steep costs for homeowners, mortgage lenders, and insurers.


Retirement planning: How much money will you need to cover your healthcare expenses?

We review the average projected cost for a 65-year-old under the two most common pathways for Medicare-eligible retirees and explore how these costs may vary.

Milliman Labs: The role of technology in health insurance

Join us for this virtual event

December 6, 2022

Part two in our series exploring data, AI, and other topics shaping the future of insurance technology.

Read the most recent thought leadership from Milliman’s offices around the world.

Press release

Milliman MedInsight Selected for Epic’s New Value-Based Performance Management Module

Milliman MedInsight announces a new strategic relationship with Epic, the most widely-used electronic health records system in the U.S., to offer advanced analytics to Epic customers.


2022 Milliman Medical Index

In 2022, the cost of healthcare for a hypothetical American family of four covered by an average employer-sponsored preferred provider organization (PPO) plan is $30,260, according to the Milliman Medical Index (MMI).

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Milliman Nodal: New interface, new insights

Through a reimagined user experience, Milliman Nodal empowers you with predictive AI to improve claims triage, workers’ comp medical costs, and more.


Promoting diversity in tech

See how Milliman is working with the ADA Developers Academy to open doors and change lives.

See the latest thinking
See the latest thinking
See the latest thinking
See the latest thinking

Welcome to Integrate

Integrate represents a genuine paradigm shift in actuarial software, technology, and solutions. With the stakes as high as they are—from competitive pressures and increased regulatory complexity to the pace of change and threat of disruption—revolution is the clear way forward.


MedInsight. Trust your data.

We know that your decisions are only as good as your data. And your data is only as good as your platform. You can trust the MedInsight platform to get it right.

Curiosity. Optimism. Impact.

Your vision can help change the world.


Episode 36: Global benefits in 2022 — A conversation with Microsoft’s Vicky Nevin

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Ask the tough questions. We’re ready for them.

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