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Retirement Asset Allocation



InvestMap: A pathway to retirement plan allocations

InvestMap™ is a sophisticated tool that enables plan sponsors to deploy an age-based, asset-allocation strategy for the core funds held within a defined contribution plan. By creating a custom target date allocation strategy, plan sponsors and participants are able to personalise their investment approaches.

InvestMap provides key advantages, including:

  • Custom glide path with allocations that automatically change based on a frequency defined by the plan sponsor and their advisors (yearly or at pre-defined age bands).
  • Allocations based on a high quality core fund lineup consisting of multiple fund managers.
  • Allocations based on normal retirement date or life expectancy.
  • Quarterly automatic rebalancing.
  • Multiple allocation options based on individual participant risk profiles.

InvestMap allows plan sponsors to develop a solution that easily integrates into their Investment Policy Statement, mitigating fiduciary risk as the underlying investments and costs are highly transparent. The glide path construction is highly flexible and meets the Department of Labor requirements for a Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA).

Advantages for participants

Each participant has unique goals and retirement objectives. InvestMap allows participants to personalise their strategies by electing a more conservative or aggressive allocation, resulting in a target strategy customised for risk tolerance. Once enrolled, the participant’s entire account balance and future contributions will be invested in the chosen allocation.

InvestMap simplifies investment education and provides a lifetime strategy for participants who desire more assistance with investment-related matters.

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For more information about InvestMap, contact your Milliman consultant.

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Ask the tough questions. We’re ready for them.

We’re here to help

Ask the tough questions. We’re ready for them.

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