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Cyber risk

Growing threats demand a smart response

Any organisation that deals with sensitive data faces increasing challenges in keeping that data safe. From guarding against sophisticated cyber criminals to preventing accidental data loss, staying safe means keeping one step ahead.

Intelligent security

Building trust and managing risk

The potential cost of cyber crime continues to grow, driven by fast-evolving technology and the increasing value of sensitive data. We are working with some of the industry’s best minds to deploy sophisticated technology such as machine learning, building rapid response solutions that help identify tomorrow’s threats, and implementing new approaches to managing risk that actually help people work more efficiently.


Critical Point Episode 20: Cyber risk in emerging markets

Managing cyber risk in emerging markets such as South Africa poses unique challenges, as Milliman’s David Kirk and Chris Harner discuss.

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Who holds your cyber keys?

Considerations for higher education and academic medical centers

This webinar offers useful ways to think about cyber risk in terms of people versus technology, along with related issues such as state actors, attribution, and normalcy bias.

Webinar: Understanding cyber risk in financial terms

How to rapidly translate cyber risk into financial terms to effectively communicate with decision makers.


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