Medicaid managed care financial results for 2018

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By Jeremy D. Palmer, Christopher T. Pettit, Ian M. McCulla | 28 June 2019

This report summarizes the calendar year 2018 experience for selected metrics of organizations reporting Medicaid experience under the Title XIX Medicaid line of business on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners annual statement. The primary purpose of this report is to provide reference and benchmarking information for certain key financial metrics used in the day-to-day analysis of Medicaid managed care organization financial performance.


Webinar: Medicaid Managed Care Financials: Evaluating Recent MCO Performance and Trends Using Annual Statements

The majority of state Medicaid agencies use risk-based managed care as the vehicle to operate their multi-billion dollar program. As Medicaid enrollment continues to increase amidst growing federal and state oversight, it is important to understand the financial performance of the health plans tasked with running these critical operations. During this webinar, presenters will review macro-level financial results in the Medicaid managed care market in recent years, with an emphasis on the CY 2018 financial results as reported in NAIC annual statements. Touching on the analyses and results presented in Milliman’s Medicaid managed care financial results for 2018 research report presenters will provide use case examples for the report and expected enhancements in the future. They will also discuss the relationship between the federal regulation and health plan reporting requirements.