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Objectivity matters. Today, more than ever.

Independent for over 60 years, Milliman delivers market-leading services and solutions to clients worldwide. With no agenda, other than getting it right.

Through a team of professionals ranging from actuaries to clinicians, technology specialists to plan administrators, we offer unparalleled expertise in employee benefits, investment consulting, healthcare, life insurance and financial services, and property and casualty insurance.


Product liability consulting

Avoid being blindsided by unpredictable and long-tailed claims.

CORAL: A roadmap for ACA

CORAL helps you quickly estimate relative values of health benefit plans.


A sophisticated tool that enables DC plan sponsors to deploy an age-based, asset-allocation strategy.

Property analytics

Predictive Analytics

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Milliman provides the full range of property analytics a carrier needs to match price to risk, get better ratings, and improve profitability in the most difficult markets. We offer full support, from pinpointing trouble spots to getting rates approved.

Property insurers have had a difficult time generating profits in recent years, due to a variety of pressures. Catastrophic events have become more frequent. Rating agencies are demanding more reinsurance coverage and a more sophisticated demonstration of how property risk is managed.

Regulators may suppress rates and mandate coverage not originally underwritten in policies, sending portfolios into the red. Changes in catastrophe models have boosted estimated losses, leading to additional ratings pressures and higher reinsurance rates.

Milliman offers property analytics with the depth and sophistication that our clients need to navigate successfully through these dynamic elements. We work with large national underwriters and small regional companies to help them uncover the hidden value of their data, obtain key business insights, and take action.

Our comprehensive services and solutions include:

  • Predictive modeling to find market segments with the lowest loss ratios, highest retention ratios, and/or the greatest likelihood of quote conversion.
  • Target marketing analysis to identify specific properties to pursue and achieve company growth and profit goals.
  • Competitive rate analysis using graphics, maps, and decision trees to identify areas in the rate structure that create outliers versus the market.
  • Use of Geographic Information Systems to create a competitive advantage through more granular territorial definitions.
  • Extracting maximum value from limited company data through advanced algorithms and augmentation with outside data.
  • Use of multiple catastrophe models to form a more robust understanding of risk, inform pricing, and improve the dialogue with rating agencies and reinsurers.
  • Enhanced allocation of catastrophe and reinsurance costs to better match price to risk.
  • Full rate filing support, including submission and follow-up, participation at public hearings, and negotiation with insurance department actuaries.

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Please contact Nancy Watkins or your local Milliman office to learn how Milliman can help you customize a property analytics strategy and make your portfolio more profitable.