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GASBhelp™ is an online tool that provides an accurate, low-cost method of valuing nonpension post-employment benefits for organizations that are required to comply with GASB 45 and that have fewer than 100 members. Recently developed by our team of experienced healthcare and pension actuaries, this tool guides users through the valuation process using the GASB-approved simplified approach known as the Alternative Measurement Method.

GASBhelp delivers a complete valuation with a comprehensive report that provides all information necessary to comply with GASB 45 valuation requirements at a very attractive cost. Users also receive value-added features including PowerPoint presentations that can be used to educate governing bodies and a white paper that provides ideas on how to reduce the liability.

GASB 45 reporting requirements

If you offer nonpension post-employment benefits such as medical, pharmacy, dental, vision, life insurance, or long-term care, GASB 45 requires that your organization report the value of those current and promised benefits. Qualifying organizations with fewer than 100 plan members may use GASBhelp to fulfill the GASB 45 requirements.

Innovative tool, developed by GASB 45 experts

Accessible through our Web site,, GASBhelp is the only system of its kind. It was created and supported by Milliman experts, who have performed hundreds of valuations for governments of all sizes. GASBhelp is supported by our knowledgeable customer service department and fully accredited and experienced actuaries.

Accurate data at a substantial cost savings

One director of an association of small municipalities found while seeking a lower-cost way to obtain a GASB 45-compliant valuation. She found the tool easy to use yet powerfully informative, with the ability to change assumptions and then see how results would be affected. Because the director requested a promotional code for the member municipalities, each association member received a discount and realized significant savings for valuation costs.