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Observations on the employer stop-loss market: 2019 survey16 May 2019 - By Robert D. Bachler and Nicholas Johnson and Mike Hamachek - Article

This paper summarizes the findings from Milliman’s 2019 stop-loss survey.

Reinsurance as a tool to mitigate risk in an alternative payment model24 April 2019 - By Robert D. Bachler and Nicholas Johnson and Meredith Russell and Pamela M. Pelizzari - Article

This report discusses the impact of various types of reinsurance on the risk posed to provider groups by oncology alternative payment models similar in structure to the Oncology Care Model.

What’s in the Part D Payment Modernization Model Request for Application: More questions than answers08 March 2019 - By Nicholas Johnson and Tracy A. Margiott and Matthew Hayes and Adam Barnhart - Article

With less than one month to respond, many details unknown, and multiple impending changes to the Part D program, the Part D Payment Modernization Model’s Request for Applications leaves more questions than answers.

A comparison of nursing home usage in states with and without Medicaid Managed LTSS21 August 2018 - By Nicholas Johnson and Andrew M. Keeley - Article

This paper examines Minimum Data Set frequency reports and U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey population data to compare nursing home usage in states with managed long-term services and supports (MLTSS) to states without MLTSS.

A risky prescription: Part D risk sharing arrangements04 January 2018 - By Christopher Kunkel and Lynn F. Dong and Nicholas Johnson and Adam Barnhart - Article

A discussion of some of the most important considerations for Medicare Advantage risk-sharing arrangements that include Part D coverage.

Medicare Part D PBM contracting strategy16 February 2017 - By Michael J. Polakowski and Nicholas Johnson and Todd M. Wanta - Article

One of the most important ways plan sponsors can lower pharmacy costs is to look for ways to improve their pharmacy benefit manager contract.

Building blocks: Block grants, per capita caps, and Medicaid reform31 January 2017 - By Justin C. Birrell and Jennifer L. Gerstorff and Nicholas Johnson and Brad Armstrong - Article

Understanding the implications of Republican Medicaid reform proposals requires consideration of several factors.

MedPAC’s proposed changes to Medicare Part D: Considerations for Part D plan sponsors27 October 2016 - By David M. Liner and Nicholas Johnson - Article

This paper outlines key considerations for plan sponsors as they prepare for proposed changes to the Medicare Part D program.

Senate Finance Committee outlines policy options that affect traditional Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and ACOs25 January 2016 - By Michael J. Polakowski and Nicholas Johnson - Article

This article summarizes the proposals, released December 18, 2015, by the Senate Finance Committee that, if adopted, would have a wide-ranging impact on traditional Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare accountable organizations.

Possible changes to Medicare Part D reinsurance programs12 March 2015 - By Nicholas Johnson - Article

Members of the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission may recommend changing aspects of the risk-sharing protections extended by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to Medicare Part D plan sponsors.

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