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Milliman FRM Insight: September 2019 Market Commentary10 September 2019 - By Joe Becker - Article

Global equities notched their worst month of the summer amidst heightened volatility.

A closer look at volatility control funds and their place in the financial market ecosystem03 September 2019 - By Joe Becker - Article

Market observers have posited in recent years that Volatility Control funds represent a focal point of instability for financial markets.

Milliman FRM Insight: July 2019 Market Commentary13 August 2019 - By Joe Becker - Article

Global equities diverged in July amidst low equity market volatility.

Milliman FRM Insight: May 2019 Market Commentary14 June 2019 - By Joe Becker - Article

After a record-setting first four months of 2019, the S&P Global 1200 Index gave back nearly half its YTD return in May’s decline.

Milliman FRM Insight: April 2019 Market Commentary09 May 2019 - By Joe Becker - Article

April marked the best risk-adjusted monthly return for global equities since October 2015.

Milliman FRM Insight: March 2019 Market Commentary11 April 2019 - By Joe Becker - Article

While the bond market exhibited signs of concern, equities continued to rally.

Milliman FRM Insight: February 2019 Market Commentary06 March 2019 - By Joe Becker - Article

After its best January in more than 30 years, the S&P 500 rose again in February, completing a full recovery from its 16% December drawdown.

Milliman FRM Insight: January 2019 Market Commentary04 February 2019 - By Joe Becker - Article

Stocks hit the ground running in 2019 with strong earnings and positive Fed guidance.

Milliman FRM Insight: December 2018 Market Commentary10 January 2019 - By Joe Becker - Article

For the U.S. equity market, December 2018 statistics are reminiscent of the great financial crisis.

Milliman FRM Insight: November 2018 Market Commentary07 December 2018 - By Joe Becker - Article

The markets were plagued by indecision in the face of a Fed reversal and plummeting oil prices.

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