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A comprehensive risk intelligence solution for risk and capital analysis, Adaero helps you assess risk exposures, identify risk drivers, integrate risk considerations into capital planning, and supports risk-adjusted performance strategies.

Risk insights identified, interpreted fast.

A powerful Monte Carlo simulation engine, Adaero can run millions of iterations and visualize your results in real time. From individual risk analysis to enterprise-level capital optimization, Adaero offers you a comprehensive set of tools to uncover risk insights.

Low fatigue, high value.

An Excel-based application, Adaero offers hassle-free data migration and seamless implementation and requires no programming specialty. With a library of pre-built reports, Adaero supports in-depth data analysis and promotes a robust risk conversation throughout the organization.

Auditable, reliable, transparent.

Adaero features unique audit capabilities for full calculation transparency and offers best-in-class model management framework for model governance, documentation, and model risk mitigation.

Compliance, check. Business value, check.

Prepare your organization for the rigorous regulatory requirements and the dynamic business environment with assurance and resiliency. Meanwhile, understand what’s driving the variations in your business and build an improved platform for continued growth.

Adaero provides two alternatives for utilization.

1) The first is to license the software and have it downloaded onto your server, desktop or laptop. This requires an annual licensing fee that is recurring each year.

2) The second method for utilization, Adaero Risk Modeling Services, is to retain the services of the Milliman team who will run the model and return the outputs or results, based on your inputs and assumptions. This method does not require a software license or the involvement of your IT department. It only requires an annual subscription agreement. Request more information.


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